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Ultrasound Technician Profession Benefits

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Today, technology is very powerful which is why choosing a career as ultrasound technician will guarantee a job that will be financially rewarding. Many can’t live without technology because technology had already changed many lives. In 2008, there is a reported 50, 800 jobs available for ultrasound sonography field and further informed that this field is among the most in demand field in medicine. Let us review why being an ultrasound technician entails so many benefits and rewards when compared to other jobs.

Choosing a career in the medical field specifically in ultrasound technology is rewarding in all aspect as long as the ultrasound tech accepts all the pros and cons of his job. Being exposed to several diseases and embrasing the fact that it happens every single minute of the work of the technician is a sign that success in on the way of the technician. Proper diagnosis if the disease means that sonographer is strong enough to be examining and reading different organs everyday to get images for the doctor to correctly diagnose the disease. Before making a decision to pursue the chosen career, it is vital to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the career.

Everyday, the technician encounters various kinds of diseases but also have the opportunity to help others daily. The responsibility of the ultrasound technician to help the doctor diagnose the disease are both helpful for the physician and patient. Having the skill and the training to manage ultrasound machine for the immediate and accurate diagnosis of a disease is very helpful and thus can boost self confidence. The thought of knowing that you are able to help the patient to shorten his agony of waiting can be self fulfilling and emotionally rewarding.

Another benefit of being an ultrasound technician is for the sweet smile and excitement of the Obstetrics ward patients seeing the movement of little baby inside their tummies. Experiences such this one in the ultrasound room is very rewarding since the sonographer serve as an instrument for the baby to be seen by the soon-to-be mothers.

It is equally rewarding to have a self fulfilling job and a stable employment. As technology is becoming economical, jobs in ultrasound technician is also becoming in demand. As a matter of fact, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reported that it is expected that ultrasound technology employment will boost from the average number of jobs in the past years into a large number of jobs in 2012. There is a guarantee that ultrasound technician jobs will be stable and job hunting for a decent career is not experienced after graduation. It was furthermore predicted by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics that in 2016, employment in the field of ultrasound sonography will be stronger. A 19% growth of jobs between 2006 to 2016 is to support this claim of the US BLS. The reported growth rate is definitely higher than most of the different occupations’ annual growth rate.

Aside from employment stability, ultrasound technician salary is also one of the benefits why there are a lot of people wants a career in ultrasound technology. As a sonographer, always expect a yearly income not lower than $64,478 yearly. This is based from the report of the US Certified Compensation Professional. Salaries of sonographers from different clinics, hospitals and laboratories were analyzed to come up with the mean annual income of sonographers.

Benefits are evident for the career in ultrasound sonography but there are also drawbacks for the profession. Yes, it is true that the job being a sonographer is difficult but when done whole heartedly will be self fulfilling. Go for a career as ultrasound technician and prove that there is a high demand in work and a high pay rate in the profession.