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Being On Time For An Interview

Having been in the business of hiring people, I can’t emphasize enough of people being on time. Interviews with prospective candidates are generally set up days or weeks in advance and so you have been given enough time to prepare. If you are out of town then try and stay at a nearby hotel, if you live in the same town, then get up early.

Coming to an interview late is a very bad sign. One does understand that there are times when one may be delayed for an interview, but one must make the effort of being on time. If you are supposed to be there at 9 am, then you have to be in the office at least 15 minutes before. If you do not know where the office is, take time the day before to find out where the place is located. Saying you were lost is a poor excuse especially if you live in the same town.

Never underestimate the time required to get to an interview. Car accidents, unknown delays and traffic can be unpredictable, so always leave home early when going for an interview. If you arrive early, it will give you time to prepare yourself, calm down, and gather your thoughts.



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