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After Interview Etiquette

You finally made it through that intense interview, but your work isn’t done just yet. If you want to be considered for the job, you must follow up the interview with proper etiquette.

- Ask the recruiter when the company expects to make a decision
– you don’t want to sound pushy, but this will show that you’re very interested in the position.

- Follow up the interview with a phone call to check the status of your application
– too many potential candidates miss out on opportunities because they sit back waiting to receive a call. Be proactive and give yourself an advantage over competing applicants. You can take this one step further by following up with a thank you letter. Wait at least a week to 10 days before placing the follow up call.

- Keep your references alert – let your references know they that may be receiving a phone call from a potential employer. If not, they might be caught off guard and possibly ruin your chances of getting hired.

- Keep looking for jobs - even if you gave your best at the interview, you should always continue the job search. Keep landing interviews until you find the right job.

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