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Preparation Is The Key To Success

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

What you do after landing an interview weighs heavy on whether or not you get the job. The suggestions below will prepare you for the interview and give you the best possible chance of getting hired.

Bring Copies of Your Paper Work

Always bring backup copies of your resume and cover letter. These important details should be studied just before heading into the interview. This will allow you to easily point out your qualifications to the recruiter.

Early Bird Gets the Job

We’re not suggesting that you arrive two hours, or even an hour early. However, you need a little time to get yourself together. Try to arrive about ten to fifty minutes early. This will give time to check in with the receptionist, find out exactly what you need to do and perhaps even get a closer your look at your potential new place of work.

Stay Calm

The interview process can be very stressful but you should try to relax before the recruiter has a chance to apply the pressure. You can practice this the night prior to your interview with a few breathing exercises. When those tough questions are presented, you’ll be ready for them.