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Tips For Righteous Resume Writing

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Writing a resume is difficult, but more difficult is what to write in the resume. Everyone has a different idea about how to make these things win. However, there are some dos and dont’s about resumes that one should definitely understand.

Never list all your jobs on the resume. If you write down every job you have had, the future employer well think you are unstable and perhaps will also leave his company soon. The resume is not a legal document, but is an advertisement about you. You highlight what you want and then can talk about any missing gaps when asked. And always be honest about it.

When you send in your resume, avoid folding it to fill the envelope. Better buy a larger envelope. In addition, do not staple or clip the resume. Keep the resume simple and easy to access.

Some people add a very large photo to their resume. Unless asked to submit a photo, one should avoid this practice. You never know what the employer(s) may be biased against: may be they do not like certain features of your body, your hair, your sex, your weight, your ethnic make up, etc.

When asked to send a photo, do not send one which is almost half a page. Send a small decent size good quality picture which reflects you. Dress well for the photo-do not send a tacky picture of you playing tennis. A 2 x 2 should suffice.

How-To Win In Any Interview

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Many people today are finding it hard to get a job and only a few even get an interview. But once you have been offered an interview, at least you have been given an opportunity to present yourself and you should be prepared for it.

  • Before you rush off to the interview, get to know a little about the company. Go online and read about what they do.
  • Take a few hours off and assess your work experience and be ready to support all your past achievements. Rehearse it in your mind.
  • When you arrive for the interview, be well dressed, no one wants a slob at work. Maintain eye contact and show an interest. Never say anything negative about your past bosses.
  • Be attentive and listen. Quickly glance around and you will have some sense of the office, the business and you can quickly adapt your answers.
  • When asked questions, try and relate your answers to what is being asked and focus on your strong points. When asked if you have any questions, demonstrate your interest and ask pertinent questions (ask business related questions only, do not ask about his/her family, wife, or dog).

Every interview is a learning experience, so if you do not get the first job do not worry. Go over what you did wrong the first time and improve on your answers/presentation.

Job Fairs 101

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Many people are desperate for a job and have run out of ideas. Many have sent 100s of resumes all over the country and have never even received a reply. One other avenue for a job search is to go to a job fair. Even though the economy is down all over the nation, there are two industries which are still doing reasonably well; this is the health care sector and science industry. And these two giants frequently have job fairs, many times a year all over the country.

At a job fair, you can get to meet the CEO, president or a manager right away. If lucky a face to face meeting can be conducted right away. It is the easiest place to meet people who have the power to hire.

Job fairs always have recruiters in designated booths willing to answer all your questions. While you size them up, they are definitely also on the look out for potential employee(s).

Dress well at a fair because you never who you will come across. And if you are job hunting, carry a miniature CV with you to hand out. Have a business card ready just in case they want to contact you. Do not scrawl your name on a piece of paper- that usually gets thrown in the garbage.

If you do your homework well, a job fair is the best bet of getting attention for a new job.

7 Interview Tips

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

In today’s growing job market interviews can seem a little daunting. With so many competing for jobs it is imperative to know how to leave a strong positive impact on the interviewer. Give a lackluster interview and you may bore yourself right out of the job of your dreams. Put as much effort into your interview as you plan to put into your work and your stellar performance can have you on your way.

  1. Come prepared! Regardless if you’re seeking employment at a fast food chain or a top corporate firm, preparation is key. Know the company you’re applying to work for. Knowledge is key.

  2. Practice. Role-play. If you’re too embarrassed to role-play in front of someone then get in front of the mirror. Practice answering every conceivable question that may be thrown at you until your answers appear natural and your response time spontaneous.

  3. Self-confidence is crucial. Your grandparents always told you to look someone in the eye when speaking. It’s never more true or necessary than in the interview. Employers are looking for people they can depend upon. Walk in with your head down or talk to the floor and you’re probably on your way out the door. Show the interviewer that you believe in yourself. Give them a reason to do the same.

  4. Present a positive attitude. All of the self-confidence in the world won’t help a negative attitude. Don’t speak negatively about former employers or the competition. Maintain a positive outlook throughout the interview.

  5. Pay attention. What’s hanging on the wall in the interviewer’s office? Does he or she like animals; have kids, own a plethora of sports memorabilia? It’s the casual comments that can encourage the employer to warm up to you. Showing you take an interest in them can go a long way.

  6. Emphasize your strengths. If you’re applying for a sales job you may want to throw in that you understand that a no from a customer could mean that they simply need more information. If you’re applying for a strenuous HR position you may mention that you’re loathe disorganization.

  7. Ask questions. Show interest in the company you’re applying for. Learn as much about it as you can during the interview. This will give you a heads up before starting your new career with them.

Ideas for the Online Job Seeker

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Driving around town dropping off your resume can not only be time consuming but also expensive with today’s gas prices. Your time is valuable so you want to guard it even when job hunting. One of the ways to do this is to search for work online. Online job hunting can feel like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. But it’s actually one of the easiest ways to seek work

Job boards are an excellent source of work. Make sure you narrow your field or you could spend all day searching. Find your niche. Do an online search for your particular niche then search the job boards accordingly.

Don’t be afraid of jobs that accept bids from your competitors. It’s not always the lowest bid that gets the job. Be prepared to write a witty comment, without being immature, that grabs the attention of the one placing the job post. Like-ability, even in print, plays a huge factor in getting your foot in the door.

Have a stellar resume. Searching for jobs online often require that you send in your resume. Make sure it pops. Online job hunting is no easy task with international competition at its peak. But a catchy resume can clinch it for you.

Research the blogs. Often blog sites can provide valuable input, not just from employers touting the beauty of their companies, but also from former and present employees. Blogs are a great way to gain insight into various industries as well. Don’t be afraid to comment on these forums. Ask questions. The person you’re asking could very well be your ticket into a great job field at a great company.

Resume Writing 101

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

In today’s ever increasingly competitive market it is absolutely essential to have a resume that shines above the rest. More than just a boring list of previous jobs held and schools attended a resume has to impress – immediately. It is sometimes your only chance to get your foot in the door.

One huge difference in today’s market is how resumes are “received”. In the past resumes were read by one or two HR people with the time to sift through dozens submitted by job hopefuls. Today, when a job is posted people all over the world are willing to compete for the position. To cope with the ever-expanding work force and hundreds of resumes that are received, they are often scanned through programs that pick up key words that fit the needs of the company.

Everyone knows that a resume should contain no more than two pages. Very likely, one page will be enough. Choose a format that gives you the ability to headline your best attributes and key skills. To increase your chance of being put on the short list, be sure to include this information that highlights your suitability near the top. Be sure to bullet point your achievements and the role you played in various positions then add a brief comment about them.

You want to leave out irrelevant information especially if it is of a personal nature. Companies are interested in your ability to fill a particular role that is available. They do not care that you need more money to pay child support. Don’t think they don’t notice your extracurricular activities though. Your participation within the community could later prove invaluable to them. The whole point of the resume you write is to point out the value you will add to a company. Keep this in mind with every word you carefully include in it. Don’t hesitate to go on line to find a resume format that best suits your personality and profession. There are hundreds out there that you can access for free.

A work in progress

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Since you’re reading this you’ll have noticed we’re adding a blog to MostHired. We’re a little ways away from officially launching the blog as we build a custom theme and add some content, but stick around and watch as get going.

Hello world!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

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