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Investing In A Working From Home Franchise Business

February 29th, 2012

As well as the pressures of modern day living, more than ever people would like to be able to work from a domestic residence. There are numerous home based franchise opportunities and other businesses that have the flexibility for being administered from your home office.

Of course there could be quite a number of benefits to this lifestyle option:-

Variable working hours – could fit around your lifestyle
No need to answer to somebody else – you’re the person in charge!
You gain directly through the job you do
Lesser outlay – no office or premises fee to pay for

It could look like the perfect situation yet a number of us tend to be more suitable to the work-from-home way of life than others. Two main qualities for acting from home franchise business opportunity are:-


For a home based franchise business or work-from-home business to succeed the franchise operator needs to be committed to its success. They should be motivated each day and committed to perform the business responsibilities without getting distracted with home life. This is easier said than done because everyones drive can often go up and down from one day to another and its the strictness to get on with work on difficult days which is often by far the most challenging.

For all those with the discipline and enthusiasm to make it work a home based UK franchise business might be an effective way of investing in a company for yourself together with the life-style advantages of being situated at home.

If you have an interest in researching a number of the work-from-home opportunities available to you, you can start by browsing some of the home based franchises available via online franchise directories. After you have checked out a number of the choices available you could then go to your bank and take a look at finance possibilities. Get in touch with the franchisor and visit them to look at their setup and also obtain a listing of their franchisees which you could speak with for views on the franchise system. Furthermore, its also recommended to seek advice from a franchising legal expert who can advise about the legal implications of entering into a franchise contract.

Comprehend How To Employ Efficacious Job Search Methods

December 6th, 2011

Job search engines are a perfect place to start when seeking for employment, because you can find job opportunities from a wide range of online sources with one simple search, but there are other sorts of sites that come extremely recommended. Many niche web sources, or sites that focus on a particular career field, industry or sort of employment, are one kind of site that can have good results. Industry specific job boards such as healthcare, engineering and education create better results than the bigger, broader job boards. Seek beyond the obvious job posting boards and you might have better luck deciding where to find job opportunities with the smaller, more specialized web sources. Comprehend how to get Scotland Jobs.

Utilizing a professional association works, as well. A lot of these organization host internet sources and forums that can be a useful resource in networking and looking for otherwise ignored possibilities. By posting your needs and qualifications among people who are already familiar with your sphere, you’re doubling your chances of making a valuable contact.

While there isn’t any one place that is most excellent for getting job opportunities on the web, there isn’t any site you shouldn’t apply. Utilize all available resources, and then stick with the sites where you get great responses and inquiries from hiring managers and recruiters. Also search for online sources where you see an abundance of job postings in every sphere. It may take some work figuring out where to get jobs, but thinking outside the box and digging a little deeper will simply help your hunt. This will help with Tesco Jobs.

Another great way to figure out about job listings is by cold-calling or contacting potential employers straightforwardly. This will enable you to tap into the reservoir of dissimilar vacancies that are not marketed. Generally, unadvertised jobs will be filled by family members, friends and other contacts of people already in the organization. If you don’t already have a concept of which potential employers you wish to contact, a perfect place to start would be online, in the Yellow Pages, along with the vacancies and business section of your local daily.

Other online sources of job listings incorporate specialized and trade journals. Such journals can be bought or even sourced from your local library or on the web. Career expos are another great source of job vacancies. Recruitment agencies, industries, universities and colleges periodically hold job exhibitions where employers can represent information about the opportunities accessible at their corporations. It is often accomplishable to apply for such positions at the expo, so be sure to take along with you several copies of your resume and be ready for unrehearsed interviews.

The above mentioned methods are only a few of the many less widespread ways that you can try to find a job. All these approaches, mixed with job searching websites, job fairs, and the employment section of your newspaper, you are on your way to find a handful of job listings; the ones that you might like to make application for. Be aware about Premium Bonds.

Find The Tools That Show You How To Write A Resume

September 13th, 2011

You need to know how to write a resume that is professional if you are a current job seeker.

If you begin to think of your resume as the ticket that can land your interview, you will put the proper amount of importance on this item. Many people take their resume for granted, but when you begin to design a more effective resume, it can help you greatly with your task of finding a job.

Your resume will answer many of the questions that an employer will have during an interview. If you are making a point to answer the most common questions, it can give an employer a great deal of insight about you before they meet you in person. A resume can be seen as a chance to make a first impression. You want to make sure that this resume leaves a positive, lasting impression on anyone that reads it.

You want to begin this journey by looking at the different types of resume templates that you can use. A chronological resume is very popular and this can give you a great base to use. You can also use a functional resume which can help you to list multiple skills. You will need to look at your past experience and decide which resume is going to suit your needs the best.

Once you have the perfect template, you might still have questions on exactly what information to list on this form. You should start with the basics. You will need to include your personal information. You should make sure that you are listing accurate contact information on your resume. Your contact information will matter greatly if an employer needs to contact you for further information or an interview.

You also need to list your employment information. You want to make sure that all information is accurate. If an employer is considering hiring you, they will likely conduct a background check. If your dates do not match what they uncover in a background check, this can make you appear dishonest before you land the interview.

Even if you have a large amount of education, you might want to consider listing all of this information. Employers are not the way they used to be. Your education is something that you will want to list as this is something that many employers look for. On the job training is not what it used to be and an education will be respected when looking for a job.

When you know how to write a resume the proper way, you will increase your odds of landing the perfect job and this can change your life for the better.

If you enjoyed this article by Jeff Schuman please visit our resume builder website today. You will find tons of helpful information to help you learn how to write a resume along with extra information on resume writing to make it easier. Be sure to check out our sample resume before you begin so you will be confident that you are writing it correctly.

Internet Jobs – Where To Find Them

September 2nd, 2011

Legitimate Listings For Internet Jobs

One of the best ways to create your own income working from home is to find one of the many Internet jobs available. There are many companies that hire workers to provide a variety of services including outgoing sales, incoming customer service, transcription, writing and more. Here are some legitimate places you can find Internet jobs that will pay you for your work, knowledge and expertise.

Internet Jobs at LiveOps

LiveOps outsources Internet jobs for customer service and home based call center jobs to over 20,000 independent contractors or agents. The initial application process for LiveOps is extremely simple. Create a login using your email address and a password. Once you verify your email and activate your account, you will be given the opportunity to provide more information including your experience in customer service calls, telemarketing and more. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes and then the company will contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted into their program.

Like many other Internet jobs, there are some fees involved. You will be required to pay for a background check if you sign up with LiveOps. And you may need to purchase a noise-reducing headset if you don’t already own one. But it’s certainly worth looking into as a viable means of employment if you want to work at home.

Internet Jobs For Outsourcing

Another large outsourcing firm that offers Internet jobs is West at Home. West uses thousands of independent contractors to provide customer service, telemarketing, technical support and more for their client’s customer base. The application process with West is more involved than many Internet jobs. In addition, West does charge a fee to applicants to cover their background check like some of the other firms do, but it’s usually less.

If you’re an experienced transcriptionist with a typing speed of at least 65 words per minute, you can find a variety of Internet jobs at SpeakWrite (formerly CyberSecretaries). You may be required to purchase some equipment such as a foot pedal to manage your transcription. And you will be required to pay for a background check, but the opportunity for a paying Internet job is good if you qualify.

Internet jobs for those with marketable writing skills are vast and varied online. One of the largest sites that offer freelance writers, editors, and film makers the opportunity to earn money for their skills is Demand Media. As the sole content provider for such sites as eHow and LiveStrong, as well as a major contributor to the Houston Chronicle online and other large sites, Internet jobs abound if your writing skills are good. And there is never a charge for training, application fee or any other cost.

Find as Many Internet Jobs as You Can

These are just a few of the many possible Internet jobs you can find when you know where to look. Depending on the type of work you’re interested in, you can find a variety of Internet jobs to apply for. Try these or Google “Internet jobs” for others opportunities or job boards. The potential is unlimited.

There are thousands of great internet jobs out there, so don’t wait around any longer.

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A Winning Nursing Resume

August 31st, 2011

Each job is different. Every person is unique. Every resume is unique. A nursing resume does not need to meet the same requirements as an engineer’s resume or a submarine commander’s resume.

No matter the position you apply for, your resume is your most effective sales tool. It is literally your foot in the door. It would be wise to take the time to think about what the hiring manager – your “sales” target – needs to know about you and what he most wants to find in you.

The resume comes before the hiring manager even sees your face. Neither voice nor face will get a chance to perform if the resume doesn’t give him plenty of reasons to ask you to come in for an interview.

Nursing is a very competitive profession, so if you want to land an interview, make that resume awesome. Here is how a resume writing service would manage it for you.


Let’s get the most basic information out of the way first. There are certain credentials employees require in any health care field, and nursing is no exception. Those credentials will be a lot more demanding to work in an OR, ER or ICU post than if you are applying for a post in a nursing home.

Regardless of the specific position, credentials are the first thing HR staff will look for before deciding whether to read anything more, so get make it easy for him to find them.

If you scored well on the NCLEX exam, you may also want to include that on your resume.


As in any other field, experience counts. It is always better to show what you are capable of, not just guess what you are capable of. In that light, you can see that “experience” is not just a list of positions you have held over the years. Give some meat, some detail. What kind of facilities were there, how big was it, what were the specialties, what challenges did you face there?

Don’t forget that anybody you are competing against also can post titles. Take the time to think about what makes you stand out, how you exceeded expectations, how you gave superior care, how patients and families reported positive experiences due to your efforts.


Experience also encompasses such things as:

- How you have handled difficult patients and difficult relatives.

- How you handled things in a crisis, keeping a cool head, protecting the patient, etc..

- Your attention to detail, especially at the end of a tiring shift (this is crucial for someone handling meds and keeping track of everything in the patients’ charts).

- Your stamina, because it’s not easy to work on your feet for eight or twelve hours a day.

It could be said that important than “experience” in the traditional meaning of the word, is your character and your ability to manage stress, fatigue, multitasking and details.


Nursing is not a homogeonous field. Many nurses specialize in one type of nursing or another – and each one requires its own set of skills.

For instance, when applying for an ER job or even an OR or ICU position, you’ll have to demonstrate clearly that you have proven to exercise sound judgment and keep performing to 100% under stress.

If you seek a job in a nursing home, you would be wise to emphasize more the empathic, caring side.

Go forth and blow them away with your well-thought-out nursing resume, and put your foot in the door for your next career move.

The Top Good Reasons To Start Product Testing

August 25th, 2011

You may not have seriously considered product testing jobs up to now, but let me inform you it’s a fantastic opportunity that far more individuals should become involved in. Product testing is something that most industrial businesses get involved with simply because they must learn about any kind of faults with their goods and learn how they can make future goods more effectively.

When you start product testing it will become your job to accept brand new products and to use these products as you would any other item. You are not expected to do anything unusual while using products you receive, but you are going to need to permit the product tester UK company to understand your thinking on the device you have received as soon as the evaluating period is over. Should you be in a position to obtain a full time product testing job you may needless to say be paid for the work you do, you will find there are nevertheless opportunities for individuals to become included in product tester opportunities on a part time footing.

Any part time product testing opportunities are great simply because you are given some amazing cutting edge items to have fun with, you then report your results and afterwards you get to hold onto the item you had been evaluating as soon as this is accomplished. Exactly what this means is, you’ll be able to find yourself having a brand new state-of-the-art product which is yours hold on to and you will have got it before everyone else and it’ll cost you nothing. Should you receive a new iPad for free I am sure that will compensate for the reality that you do not get paid for this opportunity.

The business that operates the product tester website stages product trials for plenty of distinct firms, so consequently you’re in a position to product evaluate for many diverse merchandise. On a particular week you can be product testing a brand new blackberry and the next month you can discover yourself with a scrumptious cream cake to evaluate, this can be part of the attraction of this opportunity as you don’t know what you might be able to try out in future.

On top of the great factors I’ve already mentioned for becoming a product tester, the website which arranges the assessments boasts other things to offer individuals that are on it’s testing board. If you register you’ll be qualified to receive big regular monthly cash prizes, these prizes run into the thousands and they have loads to hand out. Their internet site also provides the chance to be given money for
your opinions if you carry out research and when you take an active part in group activities on their discussion boards.

If you think you can withstand getting the newest technology through the mail free of charge, and then supplying your perspectives to the testing internet site, then you really ought to register online for this offer by visiting the website link on this page. Before long, you can be getting products to evaluate and it won’t have cost anything.

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Best Careers For Women

August 18th, 2011

Most working women wonder what the best careers for women are. This is because there are countless women in the workforce are receiving a lesser salary than their male coworkers. Women have been fighting for years to gain equality in the workplace. There are a few job professions that do not discriminate against women based on their sex. It is not surprising that these jobs pay women more of a salary than other jobs women have. Here are some career paths that I consider are the best for women.

Best Careers for Women – Doctors

Physicians and surgeons have an average yearly salary of $84,000. Physicians who are male generally make more than women physicians. This is decreasing each year though. Each year the pay gap decreases between women physicians and male physicians. A physician will need to complete at least seven years of educations and years of training after that. This is one of the best careers for women.
Best Careers for Women – Technology and related fields

Technology Fields are one of the highest paying fields for women. A computer software engineer has an average salary of $70,252 and a computer systems manager has an average yearly salary of $65,520. A person wanting to enter into the technology field should complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It is possible for women to receive a high paying position in the technology field without a bachelor’s degree but it is rare.

Best Careers for Women – Human resources

One of the best careers for women in Business is Human Resource Managers. They have an average yearly salary $59,124. A woman wanting to become a human resource manager will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business. A master’s degree in business is extremely recommended.

Best Careers for Women – Physical therapy

Physical Therapists are employed in hospitals, spas and for home based treatments. This is one of the best careers for women to enter into. A physical therapist will have the same types of college classes as a physician.

Best Careers for Women – Law

Lawyers are one of the best careers for women. They have an average salary of $78,468. It will take a women at least seven years of schooling to be able to qualify to sit for the bar exam in order to become a lawyer. Once they pass the bar exam, there is a lot of fierce competition. The legal field is becoming less male dominated. It is a great field for women to enter in to.

Best Careers for Women – Pharmacists

Pharmacists have an average salary of $85,644. Women make up over half of the pharmacy profession. A pharmacist will need to complete several years of education. Generally, a pharmacist will have at least six years of education. After graduation, a new pharmacist will train with an experienced pharmacist for a couple of years before working on their own. Pharmacy work is one of the best careers for women.

By speaking up and demanding equality in the workforce, women can make all professions equal paying. Having a college degree and adequate experience helps women gain strides again male coworkers. A higher paying salary should be given to the person who deserves it the most based upon their education and experience not on their sex. There are very few jobs that are women dominated.One a side note, careers in communications are also a good choice for women.

Having a knowledge about what the best careers for women are can help a woman succeed better at her career.

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Careers After High School-Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

August 18th, 2011

I will now look at physical therapy assistant programs from the viewpoint of someone still in high school.

I know when I was in high school I had no idea as to what career choice I would make! Gave it no thought. Somehow it would work out okay.

So now with hindsight I can view some of my own failings and actually create a plan of action for those still in high school.

List your interests- from this list and extrapolate as many careers as possible in a general way.

Look at these professions which you catalogued above and imagine yourself doing it.

From the above step whittle down your list to the jobs you would really want to do.

You need to get more information about each of these professions left on your list. How much will you get paid? How hard will it be to find a job upon graduation? What is the future of this profession? You need to answer each of these questions.

Check out some places like career builder and read some “want ads”.

Notice what stipulations are being made. What are your duties? Note the various requirements made.

You should now have a short list of professions to choose from.

Figure out how much schooling is required for each career.

Your final choice can now be made taking all of the factors listed above into consideration.

By doing the above you should be able to make an informed decision about what career you want to get into.

I would actually keep three or four different career choices in mind and then look at schools, curriculum, expense, and most importantly requirements.

You can then visit local colleges to view various programs in the fields you are looking at.

I will now assume you have decided that physical therapy assistant programs is your career choice, or a least one of them.

You will want to get as much education in biology and human anatomy. You’ll also need some algebra.

Here are some subjects that would be covered in a physical therapy assistant program, algebra, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, therapeutic interventions, treatment programs and exercise science.

Concentrate on science and human anatomy, psychology, and some algebras well.

By visiting local colleges you can ascertain requirements for the various physical therapy assistant programs that are out there.

The sooner you begin making your decision on your career choices the more time you have to gain accurate information upon which to base your decision.

Obviously you can also do much research online and gather a great deal of information about the various career choices you have available to you.

As I have said in other articles physical therapy assistant programs have a lot to recommend them!

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs in my opinion should be on your short list.

The fact a you can start a career after just a two-year degree and earn roundabout $45,000 a year in my mind makes it one of the top choices! Anyone who was on the fence, the physical therapy assistant salary might help them pick this profession.

The Physical Therapy Assistant Salary makes this a top professional choice!

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How To Land A Job Interview

August 12th, 2011

In today’s current era of technology, social media, choppy economies, and 14-year-old executives, it pays to learn the job search process. Anyone, whether employed or not, can benefit from learning how to streamline the job search process. With over 40,000 websites and companies competing to offer job search services, it is easy to get confused. Career websites are set up so that you can submit resumes electronically to businesses. Applying for jobs takes time, and landing one is really a numbers game. Almost all potential jobs can now be examined, located, and applied for from the comfort of your own home. However, it would make since to streamline this process, wouldn’t it?
Follow these simple steps to learn how to manage your time and resources in an effort to get more interviews.

1. Write Down your Goals

Before even writing a resume or applying, write down your goals. One of my favorite managers once told me that if I don’t write down my goals, I’ll just be helping someone else achieve theirs. Decide what you want, write it down, and create a plan to get what you want.

2. Get a Resume and Cover Letter

If you are a great writer, then writing your resume manually may be OK. However, if you think about the cost/benefit analysis of purchasing a resume, it really makes since to invest in a custom resume written by a professional. This could be the difference between two jobs and up to, well, infinite salary differences. Most services are less than $70 (one time fee). There are numerous experts that say a cover letter is imperative. Most resume services will write a cover letter with the resume you purchase. Then all you have to do is change the company and contact name in the letter. Another reason to use a professional resume service is because they know how to write resumes integrating all the right keywords in all the right places.

3. Research Companies

Research the companies for which you want to work. When interviewing it is always better to keep focused on the company and how you will solve its problem. Nonetheless, don’t sell yourself short. Research some companies. Browse their salaries, eligibility requirements, and locations. This can be done at many different sites. The easiest and quickest in my opinion is ListJobs.ORG.

4. Get Organized

When you find a job of interest, be sure to make a list of their contact people/capacities and email them with your resume directly if possible. If there is a phone number, pick up the phone and call the headhunter. Log everything. You never know when HR will call; you will look really good if you know something about the representative. Also, it pays to be in the front of the line. I remember when I worked in internet sales. I knew that if I received an internet lead and didn’t respond within five minutes, my chances went down the toilet because 8 other salespeople had already contacted the buyer, talked about dogs, kids, cupcakes, and by the time I called I received either a “click” or a cold shoulder. Another trick with email contacts is the subject line. Just think about why you open emails. I often used a subject line like this “Benji needs to speak with Sandy ASAP 888-454-8888.” With smart phones the recruiter will often be curious and shocked and just press the number and call you.

5. Submit your Resume This is by far the most important step. Most of the time, jobs will find you, not the other way around. I made a huge mistake once. A recruiter found my resume in a database. They had sent me an email to an email address I rarely used needing someone with my credentials ASAP. I found this email two months after they sent it to me. Hundreds of thousands of headhunters are prowling these databases daily trying to find talent. I have found a secure, free service that will make your resume viewable to 40,000 different job boards and hundreds of thousands of recruiters. This cuts your job search time down exponentially. You can do this at as well. Just submit your resume in the top right section of the page to the secure database.

These five steps, if followed, will guide you to an interview. Always remember that your thoughts control your destiny. You have to be positive and patient. In sales I was always ultimately selling myself. I would always look myself in the mirror everyday and say, “you are a great person; I’d buy you; you are one step closer to your next sale; and this is your big day.” You can do it. Always remember, if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.

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5 Essential Tips To Know Before Showing Up For An Interview

August 12th, 2011

Getting an interview feels like an accomplishment, but without preparation can be a waste of time. If you want a job offer you have to be ready to examine each company you are offered an interview with. You have obviously done some work while having your resume developed or writing it yourself. The research and training is a huge start for your interview but it won’t put you ahead of the masses. Below are 5 essential tips to know before showing up.

Know about your resume – Take some time and study your resume. It could take up to 6 months for an HR department to contact you. 9 times out of 10 the hiring manager will use your resume as an outline to follow for the interview. Whether you have written it yourself or had someone write it; reread your resume several times to refresh your memory. You do not want to be caught off-guard by a quote from your resume that you don’t recall and can’t respond to.

Be familiar with the company– Take time to thoroughly study about the company you will be interviewing with. The research should include reading their company website, searching the company on the internet, finding potential contacts from their company on Twitter, and reading what the media and their rivalry has to say as well. You will astonish the interviewers if you are comfortable and certain talking with them about the company.
Study the culture of the company – Study its individual corporate culture while you are busy researching a company you are considering interviewing with. This is important, sometimes more than your related skill or skill, that you fit in with the background, attitude and values of the company. Your resume will let them know your skills, but the interview gives you a chance to show you are a match with the culture.

Know how you will resolve challenges– You have to solve the company’s current problem. It will behoove you to know the employer’s current challenges as well. Don’t be arrogant but confidence and being aware will go a long way. A tactic to help the company may include developing a business or project diagram, locating associates for needed resources, or having the talent or understanding needed to resolve a precise crisis. Shape out your plan before the interview and then prove yourself with preparation.

Rehearse your answers –Spend time preparing for classic interview questions that will be asked at the interview. Keep your answers focused on the excellence of the company.

You will feel more confident about going to the interview when you know what to do. Ultimately, your passion and confidence are what will really sell! For more help and topics on the subject, see Career USA. The largest recruiting service in the world has recently updated its database making resume matching more efficient. Be sure to keep posting your resume monthly, so you will go back to the top of the list and not just rely on keywords.

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